9 Key Benefits of Having A Legal Will

Addressing your impending death can be rather depressing. That being said, it’s an unavoidable part of life. What you do now can make a big difference in what you leave behind. It’s important to think about your legal will prior to passing over.

1 - You can make sure your wishes are executed

If you have some major assets that you want to go to specific places, you can make sure of that even through a legally binding will. That way you can ensure that your possessions end up where you want them to. Even after your death.

2 - You can decide on care for your children

A will is important if you still have dependent children. You can make sure that they receive care from the family member you appoint in the event of your death. Should you fail to arrange care for them, someone else may care for them. They may even end up in the system.

3 - It keeps your family from fighting over your possessions

When people pass on without a will, their remaining family members receives their estate. Sometimes, people end up in legal battles with their own family members. Neither of them will let go of the four-karat diamond ring. By making the decisions for them while you’re alive, you can give them time to grieve your passing. They don’t have to argue over your belongings.

4 - You get to choose what you want to be done with your body

If there’s a specific plot of land you purchased in the event of your death, you should it in your will. If you want to do away with the burial thing altogether, you can even state that you’d rather choose cremation.

5 - You can ensure your money goes where you want it to

If you’ve got kids, you may have started an education fund for them. In the event of your death, it’s best that you specify that your money will go towards your children's’ future. That way, it won’t fall into the wrong hands and being used for different things.

6 - A will makes clear who the executor will be

In a will, you can appoint a legal executor to make sure your wishes gets executed the way you want them to. Without this legally binding document, a public trustee will most likely receive your will. This will take quite a bit of money out of what you left behind.

7 - Property can go where it should

If you don’t have a will, your property usually goes to your next-of-kin. Without immediate family members, your house may end up in the hands of some long-lost family member. With a will, you can ensure that your property goes where you want it to. You can choose whether to a close friend or a charity that you want to support. If you have a partner but not legally married, they may lose the property that you have shared too. [2] With a will, you can ensure that it goes to them.

8 - Your pets will be cared for by whom you appoint

Most people consider their pets big parts of the family. When you pass on, use a will to keep your cherished furry family member out of the pound. Help them run into the arms of someone willing to take care of them.

9 - You’ll save your family time and money

Instead of having to spend time and money hiring lawyers, paying for public trustees, and figuring out taxes, your family members can grieve your passing. Wills cost much less than disputes over your property. Looking to find a way to set up a last will and testament that isn’t overwhelming? Check out “The Free Will Kit” It is 100% FREE, it comes with a FREE Will and Testament, a FREE living Will and Health Care Surrogate along with a FREE Will Workbook to help you fill out the Will(s) with easy to understand and step-by-step instructions.   Request The FREE Will Kit™

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