Easy Steps to Writing Your Own Last Will & Testament

Include personal identifying information.

Make sure that you personalize your Will so that people can identify quickly that it’s yours. Fill in your name, address, social security or your driver’s license number. If not yet included in your Will form, go ahead and write it by your name. These key pieces of information will assure whoever reads it that you own the Will.

Include a statement about your age and mental status.

Your free Will kit may already include spaces for this, so you just have to validate it. It should be somewhere after your name. If not included, they probably considered you have the age of the majority and of sound mind and body. If you’d like to include it, you can write it in or download a new form that includes it.

Designate an executor.

Your executor must read your Will and assure to carry out your final wishes. In the free Will form, this should be located somewhere in the body of the text and there should be a space for you to write in the executor’s name.

Decide who will take care of your children.

If you have minor children, you must designate a person to watch after them when you have passed away. There should be a paragraph that deals with the care of minor children where you can fill the name of the person or people you want to assign as their new guardians. Make sure you have spoken with the person as well and let them know that you’re putting them in your will as guardians. Make sure they have these qualities: acknowledging, consenting and willing.

Choose your beneficiaries.

In your free Will form, you will have a dedicated space to list the specific property and who will get these items when you pass on. You must list all the valuable items you have specific wishes for because otherwise, your items could go to the wrong people, and there could be some family feuds over these items and by writing down your wishes, you can avoid that. Go ahead and add another sheet if you need more items than your free Will form has.

List your funeral details.

It is important that you help your family members deal with your final arrangements. Visit a funeral home and list what you have decided to happen after you pass away and address this in your will. Make sure they honor your final wishes and that burden can be removed from your grieving family members. This can also be the section where you list your end of life requests such as whether or not you would like to be kept alive by artificial means and such.

Sign and date your Last Will and Testament.

You should write your Will with two witnesses present, as they will need to sign their names as well. Keep in mind that you cannot assign witnesses as beneficiaries in the Will, so choose carefully. Having a lawyer to sign you Will as a witness might be best if you feel that conflict due to your final wishes might happen.


Create Your Own

Creating your own Will using a free Will form is a simple process, but for those who wish to have a bit more control, you can use a free Will kit such as the one offered by us or an online legal service and customize your pages.

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