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So what brings you here?

Maybe you have had a loved one pass, and they didn't have a Will in place. Or maybe you are thinking about your own mortality.

A family member, or someone close to you passed away and no one knew what they wanted? Burial or Cremation? Or what they wanted them to wear? Well, you may have a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value to you that you want to be buried with, or you may want to be dressed in a specific dress or suit, but who will know this?

Or you could be wondering, "will my family know how I want my body to be taken care of if I pass away?". If you do not have a Will and Testament, then this will be up to your family to decide. Do you want to put the burden on your loved ones? Do you really want your children or spouse to have to worry about what they THINK you want? Doubtful.

Or maybe you had a recent brush with death and are now worried about what is going to happen to your family when you pass away? After all no one lives forever.

Maybe you are wondering what happens to your children in the event that you pass away? Most of you are probably thinking, oh, that's easy, they will go to my brother, sister, mother, father, neighbor, friends, etc. But if it's not in writing then it will not matter, you may have had this discussion with them at one time or another, but again, if it is not in writing then it wont matter. Well in most states, if you pass away and you are their only legal guardian, they are then taken by the state and placed in foster care, until a judge can determine a suitable person to care for them. This happens if you do not designate someone to care for them in writing. This could be completely against what and whom you would want to raise your children. But guess what? You are not around to make that decision anymore. This is a reality.

Well we have good news for you. Our No-Cost Will Kit covers all these issues and MUCH MORE.

Best of all, its 100% at no-cost. Yes, that's right, it is No-Cost to you!

If any of those reasons above brought you here, then you have come to the right place.

If you just happened to land here, then I urge you to please think about your family. Are you prepared to leave them what is rightfully theirs?

What is a Will & Testament and why is it so important?

If you are like most Americans, you have heard of a Will, but probably don't have one. You are not alone.

Over 65% of Americans today DO NOT have a Will in place!

This is alarming because the purpose of a Will is to make sure your assets are properly handled when you die. Homes, cars, savings, life insurance and much more are all documented in a Will.

Through the Will, you decide how your assets are distributed to the people you love. Without a Will, the State decides who gets what... if anything.

Sound important? It is.

Did you know?  If you die without a Will in place, the State decides where your assets go.

What is a Living Will and why is it so important?

A Living Will, also known as an advanced directive, is a valid document and protects you when you have no voice. It lays out your final wishes in the event that you can no longer make those decisions yourself, or you can no longer communicate what you want and-or-need.

So ask yourself...

Do you want to be resuscitated if your heart stops beating? Would you want a feeding tube if you can't feed yourself? Would you want to be placed on life support if you could no longer breathe on your own? If so, how long?

There are a million different scenario's you can tackle with a Living Will.

What is a Health Care Surrogate and why is it so important?

A Health Care Surrogate is someone you appoint that you allow to make health care decisions for you, such as providing consent for medical intervention in the event you become incapacitated or unable to care for yourself.

Don't leave yourself unprotected

Death happens to everyone; it doesn’t discriminate and there is no escaping it.

We have come across thousands of people who were unprepared for the death of their loved one, unprepared in the sense that they did not know what their loved one’s wanted in their final moments of life. So why do that to your family when you do not have to?

Preparing in advance by having a Living Will with Health Care Surrogate and a Will and Testament will help you be prepared for that difficult time. By requesting The Free Will Kit® we can provide the tools needed to help prepare these documents.

A Family First representative will make contact to set an appointment to deliver The Free Will Kit® and go over other insurance programs available to you. The Free Will Kit® is yours whether or not you purchase any supplemental coverage. Included with The Free Will Kit® is a workbook that shows you step-by-step how to fill out your Will and Testament and your Living Will with Health Care Surrogate. This takes away that worry of “Am I filling this out correctly?”

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