Reasons Why You Must Have a Will & Testament

Many people are not jumping out of their seats to write their will. Most of us aren't eager to draft any legal document. Let alone the one that involves our inevitable death. Although it might not be at the top of your list of things to do, getting it done will give you the peace of mind for your assets and any children you might have.

This document will ensure to honor your wishes, divided your assets, and also help your children be in good hands. If you aren't sold yet, some reasons you really should think about writing a will now includes:

For the better of your minor children

Yes, we said it twice already, but it's important! If you are a parent with younger children, state who you want their caregivers to be. Also, you can state how you want them to be raised in your absence. Without a will in place, the court and state law will dictate to whom your kids go. [1] If you care about who raises your kids, where and with what values, you will want to indicate this in your will. Naming your chosen guardians will help prevent custody battles between your family members.

Ensure your property goes to the right hands

Some people feel that they might not have enough capital to create a will for. However, if you have anything with sentimental value, you should list that in a will too. You might have items that you only wanted your sister or mother to have, hence with a will, you can do that. You can make sure that all your important belongings and assets go to the people you wanted them to. If you own anything with significant monetary value, you should indicate how it will be divided. This helps avoid confusion or conflict to exist.

Think about your pets

When you die, where do your pets go? You shouldn't assume that your pet will automatically have a guardian after you pass away. Specify a name and amount for the care of your pet after you've gone. You don't want your pet facing an uncertain future. Not including them in your will may lead them to be sent to an animal shelter.

Don't give your estate to the government

All wills will be subject to probate court. [2] It is a legal system which your debts and remaining property get settled and distributed. If you have no will, the court will set up an administrator to settle your affairs. [1] In some cases, your estates may go to the government instead of family. [1] It also means that your estate will be held for a very long time. This can be very difficult for dependents. This may also potentially be a financial burden without funds to pay for funeral costs and other expenses.

You can create your funeral playlist

You can specify how you want your funeral arranged. Whether you wish to be buried or cremated, whether you want jazz or organs in the background, what kind of flowers you want, and also anywhere you might specifically like to be buried. Have peace of mind that you will be where you want to be for eternity.

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